Snack Ball Puzzler-Reloadable smart pet feeder


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The Snack Ball Puzzler is the toy to keep your pet active and mentally stimulated in pursuit of a treat. Load the treat ball with up to 1 cup of dry treats or kibble. As your pet paws and spins the treat ball, food randomly spills out one of three chutes, surprising them with a tasty reward and encouraging more play.

2 in stock

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Dogs and cats like to work for their meals, and treat puzzles are one of the best ways to engage your four-legged pal in getting mind-stimulating activity and a rewarding feeding.

  • Easy-glide spinning treat ball with up to 1 cup capacity
  • Treat ball is easily refillable and washable
  • The spinning treat ball randomly spills dry treats and kibble down one of three chutes
  • Stable base and feet keep the Puzzler firmly in place.


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