Rosewood Naturals Autumn Harvest 150g


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Rosewood have taken nature’s riches from the field and hedgerow and created a delicious mix of goodness for your pet. Add a little bowlful, sprinkle on their main food or mix into hay to make their day. Suitable for all Small Animals

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The Rosewood highly nutritional Naturals range of treats are made from the highest quality ingredients providing essential vitamins, minerals, bioflavanoids and fibre making them the perfect choice for keeping your pets happy and healthy for longer.

You know how you would rather eat tasty food, carefully prepared with healthier, more interesting ingredients-well so would your small pet, and now they can.

All Rosewood delicious treats are created to appeal to and stimulate your pet, brightening their day.

With treats as special as these you will soon have your small pets, quite literally, eating out of your hand!


Carrot (18%)

Blackberry leaves (13%)

Fennel (12%)

Apple (8%)

Pumpkin (8%)

Wheat ears (8%)

Maize Herb (8%)

Jerusalem Artichoke herb (5%)

Celery (5%)

Pumpkin seeds (4%)

Beetroot (3%)



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