Rosewood Boredom Breaker Fun ‘n’ Forage Coconut Fibre Stacker(Click to check for availability of stock)

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Ideal for all small animals to chew, gnaw and toss. Your pet’s favourite treats can be hidden inside the toy for your pet to find. Designed to be destructible, yet durable. Chewing by your pet can change the nature of this toy so check it regularly to ensure that it’s still appropriate for your pet. See below for more information.

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What am I made from?

Forage ‘n’ fun toys are handmade using natural, renewable and recyclable materials such as palm, leaf and abaca. We don’t use glues or plastics and all materials are 100% pet safe.

Why do small animals love me?

Small animals, from the smallest hamster to the largest rabbit, need stimulation to prevent boredom and avoid many problems that boredom may cause. Small animals are naturally inquisitive but cautious, and they love nothing better than gnawing, chewing and shredding things! So our toys try to balance being destructible with durable. They also love to forage and this toy can be stuffed with treats such as ‘NATURALS’ herbal mixes to encourage this foraging behaviour.

Why am I better?

This product is handmade, using earth friendly materials, by villagers in the Philipines who rely on their handicraft skills to survive.

Who am I for?

I’m loved by rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, gerbils, mice, chinchillas and degus. I can be used hanging, or left to roll on the floor, but always consider that every pet is different and nobody knows your pet better than you; so always select and use a toy appropriate to your pet. It’s always better (and more fun) to watch how your pet interacts with any toy when you first introduce it. Whilst our toys are designed to be destructible this can change the nature of the toy, so check this toy regularly to ensure it’s still appropriate for your pet.