Katz Menu Sterilized


Neutered/castrated cats are up to 3 times more susceptible to becoming overweight and problems with the urinary tract.

Katz Menu Sterilized contains a higher dietary fibre content, extra L carnitine and a lower energy content and thus helps your cat to stay at a healthy weight.

Through the addition of urine-acidifying components and a low magnesium content, Katz Menu Sterilized supports the good health of the urinary tract.

Recommended daily allowance for the weight of the cat:
2-3 kg = 20-35 gram     3-5 kg = 35-55 gram     >5 kg = 55-85 gram

 Composition: Poultry meat meal, rice, peas, animal fat, potatoes (dried), yeast, beet pulp, rice protein, hydrolyzed chicken liver, refined fish oil, sodium chloride, refined cellulose, FOS, MOS

Analysis: Protein 34%, fat 12%, ash residue 8%, crude fibre 2%, calcium 1,35%, phosphorus 1%, sodium 0,45%, magnesium 0,07%, taurine 2 g, L-carnitine 500 mg.


Earn up to 485 Paw Points.

Earn up to 485 Paw Points.

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