The Harper Sofa 600D Waterproof Beds are made from a 600D Oxford fabric. The 600D Oxford fabric are treated with special PVC coating, which makes the material waterproof and resistant to dirt, mildew, oil, salt, and UV rays and gives the material strength and durability.

600D Oxford Fabric

D stands for denier, it is the unit of measurement used to determine the thickness of individual threads used in fabric. The higher the denier count, the thicker, more sturdy and durable the fabric.

100% Removable Washable Cover

All cushions can be removed, so that the cover can easily be washed. The zips are high quality industrial zippers that are both easy to open and close.

The centre cushion is made with canvas material on the one side, and fur on the other side. A big Dog’s Life “ Talk To The Paw” screen-print is printed on the canvas side. It is reversible and cover can also be removed for washing.

Available colour: Zebra Print, Olive