Dogsense Adult Premium Food – Small/Medium Breed 7kg


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Woof! My name is Noodle!

I might not be the biggest dog in the world, but I sure got a lot of heart. Which is why I need all the nutri- tional goodness to play with my family every chance I get.

Is that a ball?

A balance of essential fatty acids to help ensure a healthy skin and shiny coat.

A balance of digestive bres to help prevent the uncomfortable effects of constipation and help nurture bene cial ora in your dog’s gut.

A balance of calcium and phosphorus for optimal bone development and dental health.

A brain nutrient, DHA, to help support mental alertness.

For more information on the nutritional details of Dogsense Adult Small/Medium Breed, as well as feeding guidelines, please click on ‘Description’ below.

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Maize*, poultry meal, rice, wheat bran, maize gluten, poultry oil, beet pulp, palatability enhancer, salmon oil powder, salt, potassium chloride, minerals, vitamins and approved antioxidants (* May contain GMO)


Nutrient (%)
Crude Protein 21 (min)
Moisture 10 (max)
Total Fat 11 (min)
Crude Fibre 3.5 (max)
Ash 7 (max)
Calcium 1.4 (min)
Phosphorus 0.8 (min)

Ca:P ratio 1.1-1.8:1
Linoleic acid (g/kg) 1.5 (min)

Feeding Guidelines

Breed Size

Body Weight (kg)

1-4 Months (g/day)

4-6 Months (g/day)

6-12 Months (g/day)

Toy 1-5 35 – 120 40 – 130 30 – 95
Small 5-10 120 – 200 130 – 215 95 – 160
Medium 15-25 255 – 335 290 – 425 220 – 320

These recommended amounts are for average conditions. Your dog’s requirements may vary according to its breed, age, size, activity and environment. Bitches should be fed many small meals during lactation. Always ensure that your puppy has free access to plenty of fresh, clean water. Any eating disorder should be referred to your puppy’s veterinarian without hesitation.

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