Finally a crystal litter that clumps! If you prefer a crystal litter but like the idea of clumping litter, then Kit Cat Crystal Clump litter is ideal for you. The instant clumping crystal stays clean longer and gives off a fresher scent and adds a touch of colour to your cats litter box. Kit Cat Crystal Clump comes in the form of silica gel and is super lightweight, dust-free and is incredibly soft and gentle on your cat’s paws, making it perfect for kittens. Kit Cat Crystal Clump also has a high absorption rate and effective odour control. It’s extremely low maintenance – simply remove the clumps and the rest of the litter stays clean – you save on the amount of litter used as well as time to refill and clean your cats litter box. Kit Cat Crystal Clump is approved by even the pickiest of pet owners and cats.


Product feature points:


100% Non-Toxic & Safe
Anti-static and Dust Free
Maximum Odour Control
Soft and Gentle on Paws
Antibacterial and Hypoallergenic
Instant Clumping and 200% Super Absorbent
No Added Chemicals
Bag has a convenient handle for easy use