Beco Bowl Green-XS : Outer: 12cm(d) 3,5 cm(h)


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A naturally strong and sustainable bowl

Made from natural BPA free bamboo, the Beco bowl is dishwasher safe, strong and durable. It will last for years in the home before breaking down once it is disposed of.

The naturally tough bamboo means that the bowl can handle being knocked about by your overexcited dog enjoying their dinner. Where no bowl is indestructible,┬áthe Beco bowls are built to last. No extra bamboo was harvested to manufacture your dog’s bowls, in fact, the bowls are made from bamboo offcuts used during chopstick production.

Your bowl will last for years in the home and completely break down once disposed of.

Suitable for hamsters, gerbils and mice.

4 in stock

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Dimensions: Inner diameter: 9cm; Inner height 2,5cm

Outer diameter: 12cm; Outer height 3,5cm

Capacity: 75ml




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