If you already own rabbits or guinea pigs, you know that feeding them is not always so straightforward. In the wild, their eating habits include grass, tree bark and twigs. Domestic rabbits and guinea pigs need a similar fibre-filled diet from a range of sources. They need a balanced diet of 85-90% hay, supplemented by nuggets, fresh greens and fresh water.

Treats are suitable for rabbits and guinea pigs in moderation but you don’t have to go down the route of a sugary, unhealthy snack. Treats should be packed full of fibre and should include ingredients they would find in the wild. You can find delicious snacks made from natural ingredients such as wild grass, dandelion, dried apple, herbs and flowers – and these include our Burgess Excel Nature Snacks range too.

Although they might appear to love sugary treats, rabbits and guinea pigs need lots of fibre in their diet to keep their digestive system healthy. Therefore, it is important to make sure that their treats are healthy and fed in moderation.

Treats can also be a good way of knowing if your pet is sick. If you know their favourite food and they always come running out to get their daily treat, you’ll know there is something wrong when they refuse to eat it. It’s a big sign that it’s time to get your furry pet to a vet.

Burgess Treats – premium quality food for your rabbits and guinea pigs

At Burgess, their range of treats offers healthy and nutritious snacks that are high in beneficial fibre, promote emotional health and prevent boredom. The Burgess Excel Nature Snacks are made with natural ingredients and can be fed daily – supporting bonding experiences with owners.

The science of animal nutrition has come a long way, and Burgess is committed to not only staying on top of research in this field but being part of it. Burgess has actively been involved in research that highlights the risks associated with muesli diets and the negative impact these have on hay intake, which is a crucial part of a rabbit or guinea pig’s diet and is important for their health. Muesli diets can lead to selective feeding, which may increase the risk of dental disease and gut stasis, as well as reducing fibre and water intake. Therefore, it is essential that your rabbits or guinea pigs benefit from a high fibre diet, which can be found in Burgess feeding hay, rabbit and guinea pig nuggets and Burgess treats too.

Burgess treats can stimulate natural behaviours and can provide emotional enrichment, all while also keeping your pets happy and healthy. For example, rabbits and guinea pigs can be fed by hand to help with bonding or you can sprinkle some herb treats through their feeding hay to encourage foraging behaviour.

Please note that treats should be fed as part of a balanced diet, not in lieu of one. Treats and snacks should also be fed in moderation. For more guidance on your rabbits or guinea pig’s diet, take a look at Burgess 5 Step Excel Feeding Plan.

The Excel Feeding Plan

By following the Burgess Excel feeding plan, it will ensure that your rabbits and guinea pigs get the correct balance of fibre, vitamins and minerals. 85-90% of the diet should be high quality, dust extracted feeding hay or fresh grass. This should be supplemented with a small portion of Excel nuggets, the occasional Excel Nature Treat, a small handful of fresh greens and plenty of fresh water.

Rabbits and guinea pigs are herbivores who live on a plant-based diet. However we like to call them ‘fibrevores’ as fibre is by far the most important part of their diet and is essential for their gut and dental health.

Why choose Burgess Excel Nature Treats?

At Burgess, they understand how important the right food is when it comes to your pet’s health, lifestyle and welfare. Without a nutritionally-balanced diet full of fibre, vitamins and minerals, rabbits and guinea pigs can suffer from a range of health issues, such as overgrown teeth, and obesity. Your rabbits and guinea pigs’ diet should be 85-90% hay supplemented by nuggets, fresh greens, clean, fresh water and the occasional Excel Nature Snack.

To encourage your buns and piggies to forage and eat more hay, try sprinkling some herbs in and around their hay. You can also provide some great emotional enrichment with Burgess Excel Gnaw Sticks. Burgess work with their suppliers to help ensure their treats range is of the best quality and supports the overall diet of your animals.

Burgess Excel baked treats with mixed herbs are irresistible to rabbits and guinea pigs and they’re naturally healthy too. With no added sugar or artificial colours or flavours, Burgess Excel baked treats are a complementary feed for rabbits and guineas pigs.

  • High Fibre
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Perfect for handfeeding
  • Grass based
  • No added sugar


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