The health and well-being of your small animal is of utmost importance to Burgess Excel. Using only high quality ingredients, Burgess Excel is a top vet recommended food product range developed in collaboration with veterinarians to ensure up to date nutrition and health benefits.

Burgess is a company of pet lovers and owners and they are passionate about all furry pets. They are committed to making the lives of pets better. Of course, they aim to do this through making great food that’s good for their health as well as being deliciously tasty. But Burgess are equally committed to helping and supporting rescue centres as well as encouraging responsible pet ownership through education. They supply pet stores with pamphlets so that customers can learn how to properly care for their furry animals and also provide the correct, healthy nutrition. A

British, family owned company
Being a family company, Burgess has strong family values. This high regard they have for their furry family members is central to these values but so is how they do business. They continually work with leaders in small animal welfare, behaviour and health to ensure they are at the forefront of small animal health and nutrition. This is why experts, from vets to rescue centres to animal behaviourists, recommend and trust Burgess Excel Food.

What is a Fibrevore?
You’ll be familiar with the words carnivore (a meat eater), omnivore (an eater of meat and plants) and herbivore (animal with a plant-based diet).

Rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas are all herbivores. But by far the most important elements of their diet, the one thing they absolutely must have to stay healthy and happy is fibre.

At Burgess Excel, they call them ‘Fibrevores’.

Excel Feeding Plan
Vets say that a complete diet for fibrevores should provide for their dental, digestive and emotional health.

The Excel Feeding Plan is an easy to follow 5-a-day guide to ensure your rabbit, guinea pig or chinchilla gets the right balance of fibre, nutrients, vitamins and minerals for their all round health.

That’s why Burgess Excel is the UK’s No. 1 vet recommended food for fibrevores.

Step 1 – Excel Herbage and Forage
These premium quality Timothy Hay and grass foods should form most of your pets’ diet. They are especially good for dental health as the chewing action required by the fibrevore to eat them, helps to wear down teeth. The teeth of all fibrevores are constantly growing and overgrown teeth can be the cause of potentially fatal problems.

Step 2 – Excel Nuggets
Excel Tasty Nuggets are a single component food and are high in ‘Beneficial Fibre’ which means they’re great for digestive health. All Burgess Excel Nuggets have added vitamins, minerals and prebiotics to help with healthy eyes, skin and coat.

Step 3 – Excel Nature Snacks
These delicious, natural and healthy snacks are ideal for ‘Fibrevores’ as they promote emotional health, by preventing boredom. They can also be used to encourage bonding and interaction between you and your pet. They can be fed daily, because they’re packed with ‘Beneficial Fibre’ and made with natural ingredients. Some are specifically designed to be fed by hand which helps pets to get comfortable with human attention.

Step 4 – Fresh Greens
Rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchilla can be fed fresh greens to give additional nutrients and to provide some variety. You need to be careful which greens you feed them and how much.

Step 5 – Fresh Water
A plentiful supply of fresh, clean water must always be available.

We hope that the above information is beneficial in caring for your small furry friends. Burgess Excel feed is a very healthy option for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas.